Orion Under Siege

Lies, damned lies and timetables: NASA's Orion fights for its life , Orlando Sentinel

"The project believes it is extremely important to continue to show progress and professionalism. Stay with the guiding principles and work safe. Key milestones continue to be met. Some examples were PA-1 will launch in late April or early May. GSE test articles are being delivered to Michoud. Orion has a PDR design and is "very close" to completion. Heat shield installation tool due to be delivered to KSC in early March. CEV work station to arrive in April and the super station sometime this summer."

Keith's note: Word has it that one possible option under consideration is to reduce the Orion crew from 4 to 3 - just like Apollo. Also, I wonder if this push "to show progress and professionalism" is why no one at ESMD PAO ever released information about the recent parachute test failure.

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